How to Order Your Card

If you are using crypto to pay for your META Vault Card you will need to first convert it to Euro and move it to your main fiat wallet. We will review this first. If you have wired fiat into your META Vault there is no need to do a conversion and you can skip down the the middle of this page to learn how to order your META Vault Debit card.

How to Order META Vault Debit Card

While you are waiting for approval, you can order your card. Click on the card icon at the bottom of your App Dashboard.

How to Order Your Card

You will see there is no card available. You are free to start the process to order a card.

How to Order Your Card

You can choose between Prepaid and Debit Card, or both.

How to Order Your Card


You need at least 25€ on your main wallet to order your card

How to Order Your Card

Once you are verified you can activate your card. The activation fee will be charged when you activate the card

It will be charged on your main wallet.

Note: Please make sure all document are uploaded correctly to assure that your card will be activated

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